Week 9 Sunday Recap: There’s No Bullying in Football

Updated: November 4, 2013
So good, they had to make two. (Photo Credit: man.foxsports.com)

I know I know….I left all of you in a lurch last week with no Sunday Recap and I feel terrible. I was being one with nature, enjoying a weekend in the mountains without technology, oh and I also left my computer charger at home so I couldn’t sign in! But I am dialed back in this week and promise never to leave you again. Hopefully you were able to catch my Twitter updates @gridiron4girls and if you didn’t then follow me @gridiron4girls. Without further ado, let’s get to the big stories coming out of Sunday!

– The Miami Dolphins beat the Cincinnati Bengals this past Thursday in an overtime thriller that ended with the Dolphins winning with a safety. But that is not what was making headlines this week. Earlier in the week the Dolphins’ starting right tackle, Jonathan Martin, left the team among rumors that he was being bullied and harassed by his teammates, namely by Dolphin’s guard Richie Incognito (yes, that is actually his name and not the worlds worst spy name). Apparently something happened in the Dolphins’ lunchroom last week that caused Martin to leave the team. As of Sunday morning no formal allegations had been filed but by the time the 1:00 games kicked off on Sunday Martin’s reps had formally asked the NFL to investigate “allegations of harassment and player misconduct”. Lunch room bullying by a bunch of grown up millionaires? Sounds like a terrible “Made for TV” movie. The media has been very careful not to give too many details as the investigation is on going, but this is certainly an interesting off field story.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Oakland Raiders (49-20)

Holy Smokes, trust me when I say no one on Earth could have predicted that back-up QB, Nick Foles, would tie the record books today in their win against the Oakland Raiders. Remember earlier in the year when Peyton Manning threw for 7 touchdowns in their opener against the Baltimore Ravens? And we were all like “OMG Peyton Manning is so unbelievable, who throws for 7 touchdowns?!” Turns out, Nick Foles throws for 7 touchdowns in a single game tying the single game record. Not bad for a back-up QB or a team who had not scored a touchdown in the last 2 weeks.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Seattle Seahawks (24-27)

For one shining moment it looked like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were going to get their first win of the season against the flashy offense of the Seattle Seahawks. But Russell Wilson has never lost a game on his home field and he wasnt going to start today, pulling off the greatest comeback in Seahawks history and the Bucs remain winless for the season.

New Orleans Saints vs. New York Jets (20-26)

It was brother vs brother when the New Orleans Saints travelled to New York to face the Jets. The Saints’ defensive coordinator, Rob Ryan, just happens to be the brother of Jets’ Head Coach, Rex Ryan. And what a great looking pair they are. Rob Ryan has lost to his brother 7 out of 10 times. One would have thought this would be his chance to get one more under his belt. The Saints have only lost one game and the Jets have been

So good, they had to make two. (Photo Credit: man.foxsports.com)

So good, they had to make two. (Photo Credit: man.foxsports.com)

streaky at best this season. But history was doomed to repeat itself and the Jets managed to hand the Saints their second loss of the season. “Impress Him” Fact: The Jets also have a weird habit of winning every other week, they are currently 5-4 and tied with the 2005 New England Patriots for the longest such streak at the beginning of the season.

Minnesota Vikings vs Dallas Cowboys (23-27)

Try as he might to lose the game with yet another late-game interception, the football Gods decided that even Tony Romo didn’t deserve to lose to the Minnesota Vikings. After the Vikings were not able to capitalize on Romo’s interception the Cowboy’s got the ball back with a little under 3 minutes remaining in the game. A week after his now infamous, sideline meltdown, Dez Bryant was able to actually do something useful on the field with a 34-yard reception that put the Cowboys in position for the tying field goal. But Romo was not interested in tying the game and instead pushed on to secure the win with a 7-yard pass to Dwayne Harris for the win.

Quick Notes: 

-I refuse to dedicate a whole section to the Patriots. They beat the snot out of the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-55. I only wish there was a way for both of those teams to lose.

– Denver Broncos Head Coach, John Fox, was taken to a Charlotte hospital on Saturday after suffering “heart attack-like symptoms”. It turns out that he did not have a heart attack but needs to have surgery to replace a aortic valve this week. This is a condition that he was already aware of but was hoping to avoid surgery until after the season was over. However, doctors advised him to go ahead and have the surgery which is about as routine as open heart surgery can be.  He will be out for about 4-6 weeks but let’s be honest, if there is any team that can survive his absence it is the Denver Broncos.

– The Kansas City Chiefs remain unbeaten with a 9-0 record. This seemed about as likely as Nick Foles ever throwing 7 touchdowns in one game. They beat the Bills 23-13 on Sunday.You have to feel good for Alex Smith who lost his starting job to Colin Kaepernick last year in San Francisco.

Take these little tidbits with you to work on Monday morning and get a jump on all the chitter chatter around you!

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