Week 15 Sunday Recap: See What Happened Was….

Updated: December 16, 2013
Yes Gisele, that is the father of your children. (Photo Credit: terezowens.com)

Welcome Back Sports Fans ( I have always wanted to say that)! Yes, it is Week 15 and for those of you who are counting, that makes it 3 weeks since my last recap. For the past 3 weeks I have been living a different kind of social experiment. The kind where you live in a beautiful new house but do not have television or internet. No lie, last week my husband tried to watch the game using rabbit ears….RABBIT EARS! But on Friday night something amazing happened. I got home to a DirectTV van in my driveway and a lovely man named, Joseph running up and down the stairs working to hook me back up to the real world. And that brings us to present day, where I am back online and ready to finish out this football season (and catch up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, no one tell me what happens).

New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins 20-24

Tom Brady has a really annoying habit of coming from behind and winning games. The Miami Dolphins have an equally annoying habit of  handing games over to their opponents. So I think we all knew where this was going when the Dolphins took a 4 point lead over the Patriots, giving them the ball back with a little over a minute left. Sure enough, Tom Brady started marching down the field. It almost seemed as though the Dolphins wanted the Patriots to win, why else would they refuse to cover any of the Patriots’ Wide Receivers? I am pretty sure my husband set some sort of record for the number of F-bombs dropped in consecutive sentences. He was also using some interesting combinations of 4-letter words, a Picasso of obscenities. Amazingly, the Dolphins managed to break up 3 of Brady’s attempts at the end zone leaving him just one more shot. And just when my husband was gearing up for a full-blown tirade…..Tom Brady was intercepted in the Miami end zone by Michael Thomas, a reserve safety who the Dolphins had just pulled off the San Francisco 49’er practice squad on Tuesday. Um, good idea, whoever came up with that one. So the Dolphins win and they still have a chance at a Wild Card spot in the playoffs. Pretty dramatic stuff people.

Yes Gisele, that is the father of your children. (Photo Credit: terezowens.com)

Yes Gisele, that is the father of your children. (Photo Credit: terezowens.com)

New Orleans Saints vs. St. Louis Rams 16-27

All the Saints had to do was beat the Rams and they were in the playoffs. The Rams have lost 8 games this season, so how hard could it be? As it turns out, pretty hard. The Rams intercepted Saints’ QB, Drew Brees twice in the first quarter, Brees also had a fumble recovered by the Rams. The Rams, who are out of the playoffs, were playing exactly as they should…like a team with nothing to lose. They had a tricky onside kick and looked like they were running the table on the Saints when they went into halftime with a 24-3 lead. The Saints came back and made it a respectable game, but in the end it was not enough and the Rams beat the Saints 16-27. “Impress Him” Fact: Funny story about the Rams and the Saints, the Rams have upset the Saints in their last 2 meetings in St. Louis. In 2011 the Rams won only 2 games all season, one of them against a Saints team that won 13 games that year. 

Green Bay Packers vs. Dallas Cowboys

If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times, poor Tony Romo. I mean, seriously, poor guy. They were winning. They had the Packers beat. And then Packers’ QB, Matt Flynn (filling in for an injured Aaron Rodgers) threw 4 touchdowns in the second half, Tony Romo threw 2 interceptions in the final 3 minutes of the game and all of a sudden the Packers had come back from a 23 point deficit to beat the Cowboys by one, excruciating point. Always one to keep it classy, Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant walked back to the locker room before the game was over. A win would have given the Cowboys the lead over Philadelphia in the NFC East, instead they are still a game behind with 2 eft to play. They still have a chance at the playoffs, but this was demoralizing at best for the Cowboys and Poor Ole Tony Romo.

Quick Notes:

– The Seattle Seahawks shut out the New York Giants 23-0. This bodes well for the Seahawks who are a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl in February which will be held in the Giants’ stadium.

– The Washington Redskins benched their golden boy, quarterback, RG3, this week. They said it was to keep him healthy and get him ready for the next season, I am sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he has not been playing well and the Redskins who played for an NFC championship last year, have only won 3 games this year. I am sure none of that had anything to do with RG3 getting benched. The Redskins lost today 26-27 against the Atlanta Falcons.


I promise never to leave you for that long again, I am not sure how you have been getting by, but I am back now and I am not going anywhere….unless of course the internet goes out. We have 2 more weeks of the regular season to go and then we move into the Post Season, that’s when the real fun starts, we are in the home stretch people!

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