Week 10: Sunday Recap

Updated: November 11, 2013
Will these two making a go of it really topple the entire free world? (Photo Credit: New York Times)

Good grief how is it time for Thanksgiving and Week 10 of the NFL? There are only 7 weeks left until it is time for the Playoffs, which basically means all of you are already a couple of weeks behind on your Christmas shopping. But before you run out to stand inline at the Best Buy checkout line (What takes them so long to check people out, it really is amazing) let’s get you through all the football news in time for the Monday morning water cooler chatter.

Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers (28-20)

– Did any of you feel a little jolt in the universe around 7 pm EST? Well that was the sound of Peyton Manning hitting the ground and not quite popping right up during their game against the San Diego Chargers followed by the sound of Denver fans sucking in what air they have up there in Denver. Losing Manning would have been a devastating blow to a team that is operating without their Head Coach, John Fox, who is recovering from open heart surgery. But not to fear, the mighty Peyton Manning waved the trainers off the field and refused to come off of the field for even one play. He has been dealing with ankle injuries and seemed to grab his knee while he was on the ground. The announcers seemed to think that the Chargers had made it tough on the Broncos….that may be true but Manning still managed to throw for 330 yards and 4 touchdowns, and the world continues to spin.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Tennessee Titans (29-27)


Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49’ers (10-9)

– The Panthers travelled to San Francisco to take on the 49’ers having won 4 games in a row. But that wasn’t enough to silence their critics who wanted them to have a “signature win” over an “elite team”. Well how about beating the reigning NFC champs (they played in the Super Bowl last year) on their home field? Does that count as a “signature win”. It would seem so. In a game that was a defensive battle, the Panthers got the last laugh with an interception to end the game and give the Panthers their 5th win in a row. And even though this win belongs to the Panther’s defense this is my blog and I would like to post a picture of Cam Newton.

The Thinker (Photo Credit: GQ Magazine)

CAM-era Ready. Did you all just simultaneously roll your eyes and throw up? (Photo Credit: GQ Magazine)

Cincinnati Bengals vs. Baltimore Ravens (17-20 OT)

– It has not been an easy season for our reigning Super Bowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens. They came into Sunday’s game against the Bengals having lost 3 games in a row. This was a really crazy game…even if you are not a football fan, it is worth watching the highlights of this game. The Ravens were up 17-0 at halftime, only to lose the league in the fourth quarter after what seemed like constant turnovers by both teams. The Bengals tied the game with no time on the clock and a loooooooooong hail mary pass from Any Dalton to AJ Green. A pass like this is enough to take the air out of anyone’s tires, but the Ravens were not ready to lose 4 in a row. After the Bengals were unable to score on the first possession of overtime, Ravens QB, Joe Flacco was able to get the Ravens in position to kick the game winning field goal. This is the second week in a row that the Bengals have lost in overtime. Ouchie.

St. Louis Rams vs. Indianapolis Colts (38-3)

– You know how in Scandal one minute Olivia Pope and Cyrus are BFFs and then the next they are at war. One second she is telling the President to get away from her, the next they are late night phone buddies? That is kind of how the story of the Indianapolis Colts is going these days. One week they are handing the mighty Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning their first, and so far only, loss of the season; and then a couple of weeks later they are getting their fannies handed to them by  no other than the 3 and 6 St. Louis Rams. Who was the belle of the ball (so to speak)? Tavon Austin. A rookie wide receiver from West Virginia who made a name for himself during the NFL Combine back in spring. Every one has been waiting for the 1st round pick to make his move and he did it in a bog way against the Colts. Austin returned 4 punts for a combined 145 yards and scored on touchdown passes for a combined 138 yards. The Rams had lost 3 in a row but came up with a GIANT win today. Just like Olivia would. FULL DISCLOSURE:  I am just jumping on the Scandal bandwagon and before you all jump down my throat remember that I have dedicated my Falls to bringing you all the football news you need to deal with your loud mouthed co-workers plus something about Kerry Washington drives me crazy. But I HAD to find out what all the hype was about so I made the leap and of course, now I am hooked and have to remind myself that I am not a high powered DC fixer (is that a real job? Aren’t they normally just called PR girls?) I am only a few episodes into the first season so NO SPOILERS please. But I just have to tell you that where I am at right now, I just want those two crazy kids to find a way to make it work. And man, that First Lady is mean, Richie Incognito may be taking some cues from her. And is that Paris from the Gilmore Girls? Seems like she has gotten herself in with the wrong crowd.

Will these two making a go of it really topple the entire free world? (Photo Credit: New York Times)

Will these two making a go of it really topple the entire free world? (Photo Credit: New York Times)


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