Playoffs 2013: Wild Cards

Updated: January 3, 2014


Welcome to 2014 (!) and the beginning of the end of the 2013 NFL Season! While the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday…the day after the last Sunday of the NFL season is known as Black Monday. Not because you can find killer deals online and in stores…but because this is the day where Head Coaches in the NFL get canned. A bid morbid and dramatic don’t you think? Well that’s boys for you. This past Monday, just 12 hours after the Eagles put the final mail in the Cowboys’ coffin, 5 coaches received their marching orders:

1.) Leslie Frazier- Minnesota Vokings

2.) Mike Shanahan- Washington Redskins

3.) Jim Schwartz- Detroit Lions

4.) Greg Schiano- Tampa Bay Buccaneers

5.) Rob Chudzinski- Cleveland Browns

Not as many as last year (7 coaches hit the road on Black Monday in 2012) but still enough to shake things up. Too bad the Cowboys can’t fire their owner/GM Jerry Jones.

I don't know what you're pouting about JJ, you have job security for life no matter how terrible a job you do. (Photo Credit:

I don’t know what you’re pouting about JJ, you have job security for life no matter how terrible a job you do. (Photo Credit:

The NFL Playoffs kickoff Saturday afternoon with the first of 4 games in the Wild Card Round. In the Wild Card round the #6 seed of each division plays the #3 seed and the #5 seed plays the #4 seed. This is what the Playoffs look like right now:


– Noticeably absent from the line-up this year is last year’s unlikely Super Bowl Champs, the Baltimore Ravens.

– The Green Bay Packers made it into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth. In his first game back after suffering a broken collarbone Aaron Rogers threw a 48 yard touchdown to Randall Cobb, who was also playing in his first game back after having a broken leg, with 38 seconds to go to win the game 33-28. Aside: I am pretty sure that it would take me a full 2 years to be able to fully function again after having a broken collarbone and/or a broken leg. These guys are back in a matter of weeks. Who are these people?? End of Aside.

Stay tuned for my recap on the Wild Card games and preview of the next round…The Divisional Round. We are getting close to the Super Bowl, friends!

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